Three Things You Need To Know About Growing A Weed-Free Lawn


If you're like most people who have recently become first-time homeowners, you're probably really happy about finally having your very own outdoor living space and are looking forward to spending many happy hours in your lawn and garden space. However, few things ruin the mood of most homeowners when trying to enjoy their yards than the presence of unsightly weeds sprouting up all over the lawn. Fortunately, there are ways that homeowners can minimize and even prevent weeds from being a part of the picture. Here are three things you need to know about growing a weed-free lawn. 

Remove Emerging Weeds Immediately

One of the most common mistakes new homeowners make is to tell themselves that they'll put in a good weeding session during the upcoming weekend if they notice new weeds sprouting in their lawn. Weeds grow extremely quickly, so the best approach is to remove them immediately as soon as they enter your radar. It only takes a few seconds to remove a new weed. Always dig the weed up with a narrow trowel instead of yanking it out of the ground, and make certain you remove the entire root — otherwise, the weed will simply grow back again. 

Never Let a Weed Bloom

You should never allow a weed to bloom even if it's situated on a part of your property that isn't very visible. For instance, many people are lax about the appearance of the areas around the outskirts of their yards, especially if they live in a wooded area. Others don't pay as much attention to the area surrounding their air compressor vents for their HVAC units because these are traditionally located on the sides of homes or other out-of-the-way places, but weeds that flower soon go to seed, and the vast majority of weed seeds are designed to travel on the wind, which means they can easily end up sprouting in the middle of your lush green lawn. 

Fill in Bare Patches Immediately

Bare patches in the lawn have a variety of causes that include pesticide spills, heavy foot traffic, fungal pathogens, and even animal urine. A bare patch in your yard is seen by stray weed seeds as an invitation to take root and set up shop, so fill in these patches as quickly as possible. They can be reseeded, but if you go this route, be sure to inspect the area daily to make certain that no opportunistic weeds seeds have decided to join in the fun. The best way to fill a patch quickly is by laying down a sod patch.

A local weed control service like Island Greenery can provide you with more information about keeping your lawn velvety green, soft, and weed-free. 


27 November 2020

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