Lawn Care And Landscaping Maintenance Guide To Help Get Through Winter With Greener Turf And Gardens Next Spring


If you want to keep your lawn looking good through winter, there is maintenance that needs to be done. The basic maintenance of your lawn and landscaping includes cutting the grass, raking and pruning trees to prepare for next spring. With a little extra care and knowledge, your turf will be greener and the plants in your landscaping will be healthier next spring. The following lawn care and landscaping maintenance will help you get through winter with a greener lawn and healthier plants next spring:

Cutting the Lawn and Clearing Leaf and Tree Debris to Prepare for Winter Maintenance

The first step to start with winter maintenance is to cut the grass for the last time. You want to cut the grass low, but not too low because it is going to be dormant for the remainder of the winter months. If you do not plan on having the leaf and tree debris mulched with the mower that cuts the lawn, you will need to rake and remove any debris before mowing the lawn.

Aerating Your Lawn, Fertilizer Treatments and Overseeding To Have a Greener Turf in Spring

After the leaf and tree debris has been removed and the lawn has been cut, you will be ready to start with treatments. First, you will want to have the grass dethatched and aerated to allow for new grass and roots to grow. In addition, you may want to consider additional treatments like overseeding and slow-release fertilizer treatments to ensure your grass comes back greener next spring.

Preparing Landscaping Flowerbeds with Bulbs and Pruning Trees to Have Healthier Landscaping in Spring

After preparing your lawn for winter, you will be ready to start with other areas of your landscaping like flowerbeds. This is a good time to add fresh groundcover like mulch, as well as the time when you want to plant flower bulbs to add color to your landscaping next spring. In addition, you will want to prune trees and shrubs to give shape and promote healthy new growth next spring.

Caring for Your Winter Plants and Preventing Damage to Turf and Bulbs Due To Foot Traffic

There may be some late-blooming flowers and evergreen plants that you will need to continue caring for throughout the winter months. When you are caring for the plants, be careful not to walk too much on treated lawns or areas where you have planted bulbs for colorful flowers next spring. To avoid damaging bulbs, mark them with labeled stakes, so you know where they are planted, which can be removed once the plants are healthy and have broken through the top of the soil.

Good lawn care and landscaping maintenance are essential to have green turf and healthy plants as snowfall melts and new growth starts next spring. If you need help with this winter care, contact a lawn care maintenance service, such as Quality Lawncare & Landscaping, to ensure your landscaping is ready for the cold weather.


25 November 2019

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