Benefits Of Retaining Walls For Residential Landscaping


When it comes to landscaping, most people think of flowers and other planted foliage. While greenery is one component of a beautiful landscape, the structural components underlying your property are just as important. Retaining walls can keep your soil in place. Here are four benefits you'll gain from building these structures: 

1. Your retaining wall can come in various styles.

There is more than one type of retaining wall available. Gravity retaining walls are the most common variety used for residential landscaping. These walls are made from heavy materials, such as bricks or stones. The weight of the wall itself serves to keep soil in place.

If you need to hold a substantial amount of dirt back for safety reasons, you'll need a wall that's more heavily reinforced. Cantilevered walls are reinforced with steel. Metal bars run through the wall itself; they can't be seen from the outside, but they provide additional support to hold your earth in place.

2. Your retaining wall can last an entire lifetime.

A retaining wall is an investment in your property. They are made from durable materials that will last the test of time. When you hire experienced retaining wall builders, your wall will last for decades. If you plan to pass your home down to family members, they will be able to inherit a property where the soil is sufficiently supported by the wall you commissioned.

3. Your retaining wall can keep soil from eroding.

Soil erosion is a real problem for homeowners, especially those who live in areas that get a lot of wind and rainfall. Heavy rain can flood the ground, causing soil to drift away in the current. Planting trees and other sturdy plants with deep roots can prevent soil erosion, but retaining walls can also help. Retaining walls can be used to guide water during times of heavy rain. They can support your soil and keep it from washing away.

4. Your retaining wall can contribute to the beauty of your yard.

Retaining walls are practical, but they can also be very beautiful. Utilize walls to create raised flower beds in your backyard or entryway. These walls are particularly great for large backyards, since they allow you to add height to certain parts of your yard. Variable heights can make your yard look more interesting. Kids will also have a great time playing in a backyard with raised areas.


24 September 2019

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