Want to Plant Flowers for Your Grandparent? 2 Tips to Make Gardening Easy for Them


If you want to plant flowers for your grandparent, they will have to care for them after they are planted. Because they are older, they may find it difficult to do some things. Fortunately, there are ways you can help make gardening much easier on them so they can enjoy doing it. Below are two of these ways so your grandparent will enjoy their flowers.

Install a Drip Irrigation System

Watering flowers by hand can take a lot of time especially if it doesn't rain for days. This would likely be very hard on your grandparent. Because of this, you should install a drip irrigation system for them.

One type of irrigation system that works well is a type of hose that has holes, also known as emitters, down the length of it. The hose is attached to an outdoor faucet. When water is turned on, water drips from the emitters directly onto the soil. You can purchase as many hoses as you want and attach them together if your grandparent has a large flower garden.

To help your grandparent out even more, purchase a timer to attach to the drip irrigation system. You can set this up to turn the water on at a certain time and turn the water off at a certain time. This way your grandparent will not have to do any type of watering at all.

A drip irrigation system can be difficult to install so you should consider hiring a landscape contractor to install it for you.

Make Weeding Easier

Your grandparent will need to pull weeds during the growing season. Because of this, you should purchase a kneeler stool. This stool has a thick foam pad on it so your grandparent's knee joints will not hurt as they bend down.  Most of these stools have hand grips that will make it much easier for your grandparent to stand up when they are finished weeding.

Another way to make weeding much easier is to put mulch over the entire flower bed. Mulch blocks the sun from the soil so the weeds cannot grow. Put two to three inches of much so the weeds cannot break through. When laying the mulch, move it away from the base of each flower. If you do not, water cannot get to the roots of the flowers and they will eventually die.

Go to a garden center and look at the different types of mulches they have available. The employee at the garden center can help you choose what would work best for your grandparent.

Talk with the landscaping contractor as they likely have a lot of tips to help your grandparent while they are gardening.


5 September 2017

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