Tips For Affordable Kid-Friendly Landscape Designs Using Sand


Creating a backyard that your kids will never find boring can be challenging, especially if you are trying to do so on a budget. You may not have the cash for buying things like large inflatable jumpy-houses or playhouses. However, you can create some play areas in your backyard that will not be cost-effective but they will also fuel your kids' imagination for hours and hours. Check out these kid-friendly landscape designs using sand.

Sand Makes The Perfect Flooring For A Playset

Play sand is sold at most home improvement stores and offer several imaginative and creative benefits for your kids. Putting sand down underneath a play set is a good way to keep down high grass, and it provides a great place for kids to play. They can make roads for toy cars and tractors, and, if you add sand deep enough for digging in, it can also be the perfect place to build sand castles. Sliding down a slide into sand is more comfortable than landing in grass or hard dirt as well.

An Easy And Safe Secret Hiding Place

Most kids love having a secret hiding place or clubhouse because it is a way to have their own space. You can create a neat secret hiding place or clubhouse in your backyard using bean poles, a couple of old bed sheets and a bag or two of play sand. Arrange bean poles in a tepee style, tying them together at the top so they will stand up on their own. Wrap the bed sheets around the poles to make walls. You can tie the corners of the sheets to the bean poles to make sure they stay on. When you place the tepee-style secret hiding place, pour a couple of bags of play sand on the ground inside it. The sand will provide hours of play, and it will provide a nice place to sit inside the tepee.

Make It Possible To Visit The Beach Every Day

Water and sand together is a great combination for keeping kids busy for hours. Creating a small beach in your backyard is one the best and most fun ways to provide creative entertainment for your kids. All you will need is a plastic kiddie pool, a plastic liner, several bags of play sand and a shovel. Dig a hole deep enough to place your plastic pool in, laying the plastic liner in the hole first. Make sure you rake grass and weeds away from the perimeter of the pool. Pour the bags of play sand around the perimeter of the pool. Fill up the pool with water and place a few beach toys around it. Your kids will love having their own little beach in the backyard.

For more information and ideas for kid-friendly landscaping, contact a professional like those at Boyer WH.


8 August 2016

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