Three Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips


Mowing your grass is one of the more routine aspects of lawn maintenance that you will need to do. Unfortunately, it can be fairly easy to make mistakes when it comes to storing your lawn mower. This can cause performance issues and malfunctions to develop. However, you may be able to help reduce the odds of encountering these issues by making sure to use these three lawn mower maintenance tips.

Store The Lawn Mower Inside

When you are not using the lawn mower, it can be tempting to simply place it under an awning or a dilapidated outdoor shed. However, it is critically important for you to keep the lawn mower safe from corrosion. There are numerous moving parts in your lawn mower, and if they are allowed to corrode, the entire device may fail to function. For this reason, you should always keep the lawn mower in a well-insulated garage or storage area of the home, as this will help to avoid this risk.

Remove The Fluids For Winter Storage

During the winter months, it is unlikely that you will need to mow your lawn. As a result, it can be easy for the lawn mower to go many months without being used. This can allow the fuel and oil in the mower to degrade, and if this happens, you may find that the mower fails to turn on the next time you go to use it. To prevent the fuel and oil from degrading and clogging the engine, you should drain these fluids from the mower at the end of each mowing season. The exact steps for this task will vary based on the design of your mower, but this information can easily be located in the owner's manual.

Regularly Inspect The Air Filter

The air filter is one of the more important components of the mower's engine, as it will ensure that there is sufficient air for the engine to function. Unfortunately, grass clippings, dirt and other substances can clog this filter. When the filter becomes clogged, the mower may not get enough air. This will result in the engine having to work much harder and less efficiently, which can result in the engine suffering extensive wear and tear. To minimize this risk, you will want to inspect the air filter prior to each use of the mower. If you can no longer see the white of the filter, you will want to either replace or wash it.

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1 August 2016

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