What Is Polymeric Sand?


Though it's a very useful product for property owners with paver patios, many people have never heard of polymeric sand. Knowing what polymeric sand is, what it can do for your paver patio and how to install it can help you take care of your patio this summer.

What is polymeric sand?

Polymeric sand is a product made of silica and other additives. When used to fill the joints between patio pavers, polymeric sand binds together to form a tough binding agent.

What are the benefits of polymeric sand?

The benefits of polymeric sand include:

  • Binds the pavers together. Polymeric sand holds the pavers in place and prevents them from moving, sliding, heaving upward or coming loose. While mortar may be stronger, polymeric sand provides some stability and can help you maintain the shape and formation of your pavers. 
  • Prevents weeds from growing in the cracks. Polymeric sand forms a solid mortar-like seal that weeds cannot grow through. 
  • Prevents insects from living in the cracks of the pavers. Insects have a way of making their homes in the cracks between pavers. Polymeric sand makes the space between pavers less hospitable for insects. 

What's the process for applying polymeric sand to your paver patio?

To apply polymeric sand to your paver patio, start by sprinkling the sand over all the joints between your patio pavers. Use a broom to sweep the sand into the joints, then use a mallet to tap the pavers. Tapping the pavers will help compact the polymeric sand in between the stones. Once this is done, fill any empty space in between the pavers with more polymeric sand.

Finally, mist the joints between the patio pavers using a garden hose sprayer. Do not spray the polymeric sand with a hard spray of water, as this can wash away the sand. Allow the moisture on the pavers to dry, then repeat the misting process several times.

Allow the pavers to dry overnight. When the pavers and the sand is fully dry, then you can use your patio again. 

How often do you need to reapply polymeric sand?

You'll know when it's time to put more polymeric sand in between the joints on your patio pavers when weeds start growing between the pavers. To reapply the polymeric sand, sweep out the joints between the pavers and follow the instructions above. 

Installing polymeric sand between your pavers on an as-needed basis can help your paver patio look its best for many years to come.


29 June 2016

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