Tips For Using Your Sprinkler System Effectively


A sprinkler system can save your yard and keep it looking robustly green all throughout the year. Since it takes the guesswork out of keeping the grass watered and also eliminates the hassle of the hose method, having a sprinkler system can be a homeowner's best friend. What a lot of people don't know is that having a sprinkler system can even reduce the amount of water you need to use on your lawn, which can result in financial savings on the water bill. After you have a sprinkler installed for your yard, keep in mind these tips for running it effectively.

Not All Are Equal

Your grass does not need the same exact amount of water that trees, bushes, flowers, and other plants need. Depending on the living plants you have growing on your property, be sure to schedule watering with the sprinkler system that fits the needs of your yard.

Less Is More

The biggest mistake that homeowners make with their sprinkler system is drowning the yard with an overabundance of water. If your lawn gets too much water, fungus and disease may develop. According to The Washington Post, lawns should be watered less often but at longer intervals, with water going deeply to between four to six inches below the ground's surface. .

The Heat Is On

While it can seem like the grass needs to be watered during hot weather, that's not the ideal time to water your yard. If you're scheduling the sprinkler system to automatically water the yard, make sure you aren't running it during the high heat of the day. The problem with using sprinklers in extreme heat is that much of the water will evaporate right into the stifling air before it does the grass any good. Instead, watering the lawn at dawn is best because the air tends to be cooler.

Timing Is Everything

Many people choose to automate their sprinkler system. That can be beneficial for the lawn, especially if you are not going to be up at dawn when it's best to run the system. However, be sure to cancel the sprinkler from running when it's going to be a rainy day.

Finally, keep in mind that you have the power to make the most of your system from the moment that the sprinkler installation is completed on your property. Follow these rules on a regular basis to reap the greatest rewards from your sprinklers.


29 May 2016

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