3 Reasons Your Landscaping Contractor May Disagree With What You Want


You've done your homework, know what plants and features you want in your landscape, and have even sketched out a tentative plan to give your contractor. You show it to him and he immediately tries to sell you on something completely different. He's not just being perverse; there are usually legitimate reasons for his recommendations.

Your Plan Does Not Comply With Codes or HOA Guidelines

First and foremost, the law must be obeyed. While there is a possibility to get an exception in certain circumstances, that is a rarity. For example, you may want a built-in outdoor grill that isn't allowed due to fire hazard in your area. If you want a picket fence around your front yard, the setback code may prohibit it due to access to emergency services. The plants you want in your hedge or your planned brick wall may not be acceptable to your Home Owner's Association. There are myriad little codes and regulations that only your local landscaping contractor is familiar with, so trust him when he says something can't be done.   

You Want The Wrong Plants For Your Area

When you're looking at plant catalogs or even online, you can be deceived by USDA climate zone information. Some catalogs have been known to give vague or incorrect zone information to sell more plants. A plant may say it will grow in zone 9, but only be hardy to zone 9b and freeze during the winter in 9a. Also, zones with the same numbers may not grow the same plants. For example, zone 10 in California is a dry, Mediterranean climate while the same zone in Florida is a humid sub-tropical climate. The plant you chose may be a prohibited invasive species in your state. Your landscaper knows which plants are suited to and legal in your area, and he will explain why what you've chosen won't work.

You Want Unsuitable Hardscape Materials

The pictures you see in magazines and the projects on DIY television shows will not always work where you live. For example, if you want a stone patio on soil that is constantly shifting, it will begin to pull apart and crack very quickly. A slightly raised deck may be much more suitable to such a soil profile. By the same standards, an untreated lumber deck may work in the desert, but it would not last very long in a humid climate. Your landscape contractor's job is to give you something that will last and bring you years of pleasure, not something that you will eventually be replacing, perhaps at great expense.

By working closely with your landscaping contractor, you should be able to design a yard that will make you happy for a long time. Choose wisely, because a reputable firm always has your best interest in mind.

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11 April 2016

landscaping  without decreasing home security

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