Three Reasons Why You Would Want To Use Hydroseeding To Jumpstart Your Growing Season


Whether you are trying to grow an entire yard of new grass, a bumper crop of feed corn or a garden of wildflowers, you probably want to get your seeds in the ground as soon as possible. Sometimes the best-laid planting plans do not always work out. That is when hydroseeding may be an effective option. Here are three reasons why you would want to use hydroseeding to jumpstart your growing season this year.

Winter Weather Would Not Relent

If you live in the Northern half of the U.S., the winter weather there has a habit of not relenting. Some winters, especially those in the Midwestern and Plain states, may last well into the early part of what is usually planting season. It even puts the farmers' planting behind. Using hydroseeding means that you can jumpstart your planting and growing season as soon as the ground has thawed and is not saturated heavily with water (the hydroseed slurry does not need any extra water to work its magic).

Regional Droughts Prevent Seeds from Growing and from Being Watered

Droughts also prevent the regular growing season from proceeding as it should. Even when you are growing flowers in your personal landscape, a drought can shrink and halt the flowers from taking root and growing as tall as they are meant to grow. Hydroseeding contains plenty of water, seeds, fertilizer and added nutrients to help your chosen crop grow, even in drought conditions.

Fire Destroyed Your Plants/Crops

Sometimes your plants or crops may be moving along and growing beautifully, but then disaster strikes. Wildfires are common to many parts of the United States, and they frequently destroy all plants and crops in their wakes. If a wildfire (or just a residential fire) destroys everything you worked so hard to cultivate and grow, then you could use hydroseeding to restart and replant. The only thing you would have to do to prepare the charred ground for hydroseeding is till and grind under the dead, burnt plants so that the soil would be ready to receive the hydroseed slurry.

Finding a Hydroseed Company

There are only so many companies that provide this unique and valuable service. However, they should be easy enough to find. The difficult part is finding one company that is nearest to you and will not charge for the distance required to bring a hydroseed truck to your location. Be sure to request your preferred additives to the seed slurry in order to get the best results from this service. Contact a company like Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc for more information.


21 February 2016

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