Got Beach? 4 Ways To Create A Coastal-Themed Backyard


Whether your home lies on the coast or you just want to create the feeling of being there, a coastal yard design can be a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy nice weather. But how can you create such a design in your own yard? Here are 4 ideas to get you started.

Be Inspired by the Ocean

Light-colored gravel provides a good base for a garden that resembles the sea itself. Use larger stones, driftwood, and wooden posts to create a seashore aesthetic into which you can create a faux oceanscape. Mosses and groundcovers replace underwater plants, as do such plants as hens-and-chicks or ponytail palms. Succulents like octopus agave may look like starfish or sea stars, while the crested cactus often resembles wild corals.

Get Wooden

Choose the right hardscaping and decorative materials to evoke a beach or coastal feeling. The easiest way to do this is to use various wood materials. A good way to begin is with large wooden hardscaping such as walkways or a patio made from wood planks that mimic decks and boardwalks. Driftwood can be hidden in the garden to make it feel like the sea has left them there. Wooden chairs, a picnic table or a pergola with soft, flowing curtains are other ways to use wood in a beach theme.

Add a Tiny Beach

If your home doesn't include actual views of the beach or ocean, why not bring the ocean to you? A water feature is perfect for a beach theme. Instead of lining your pond with river rocks, evergreens or shrubs, create a faux beach with sand, shells and ornamental grasses. Add some casual seating nearby so you can enjoy your small part of the sea.

Relax Your Guests

Whether or not you actually have a beach view, invite your guests to enjoy the outdoors and the ambiance you created. A fire pit and a few fire torches will evoke the feeling of campfires and beach bonfires. Adirondack chairs or canvas-covered deck chairs add that relaxed outdoor environment that beachgoers prefer. Trim back trees and shrubs so you can enjoy the setting sun from your backyard haven. 

Your beachy backyard landscaping can bring relaxation and rejuvenation to your family and your guests. With a little creativity – such as recreating the sea above water or building a faux beach water feature – you can make something you'll enjoy for years to come.


17 December 2015

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