Your Landscape Rock Border – Winter Protection And Spring Repairs


Winter can be dreadfully damaging to the landscaping elements of your yard. If you have rock borders trimming your flower beds, sidewalk and/or driveway, there are a few things you can do to prevent some of the damage from occurring. Here, you will learn tips to protect the rock border and how to restore them after winter has passed.

Preparations for Protection

The rock borders around your driveway and/or sidewalks are the most likely to be disturbed during the winter. With shoveling and plowing being a necessity, the rocks can quickly become dislodged and require quite a bit of work come spring.

The best way to protect your rock border is to mark it so that it isn't struck with the shovels or plows when they are covered with snow. You can do this decoratively using some simple wooden stakes and strands of lights, pine garland or ribbon.

Simply drive the stakes into the ground just beyond the outer edges of the rocks. Use nails, hooks or staples to attach the lights, garland or ribbon to the stakes. This will show you exactly where the border is even when there are several inches of snow on the ground.

Make Repairs After Winter

After Father Winter departs, you will have some work to do to get your rock border looking nice. No matter how careful you are, the snow, ice and mud will cause the rocks to shift a bit and not look as perfect as they could.

If the rock border is only slightly out of place, you can fix it using nothing more than a 2X4 piece of lumber and your feet. Place the board on top of the rocks and walk across it. This will press the rocks into the soft soil and create a much more even look.

If the rocks are very poorly positioned, you will need to lift them out of place and set them beside where they were placed to begin with. This will help you get them back into position without having to do too much work organizing the shapes and sizes of the rocks.

After the rocks are moved, use a spade to level the soil under where the rocks were placed. Once you have leveled out the ground, you can re-position the rocks into their original places.

If you are unable to protect or repair your rock border yourself, talk with your local landscape professional for assistance.


16 December 2015

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