Another Era -- How To Landscape Your Victorian Home


Buying a Victorian home gives you the chance to care for and enjoy a house with beautiful, striking architecture. It's a home full of personality and touches from days gone by. And what better way to complement the visually stunning facade of a Victorian home than with proper Victorian landscaping?

What encompasses Victorian landscaping? Here are a few ideas to get into the spirit.

Victorian Styles

Victorian gardeners loved formality and geometric shapes – everything from squares and triangles to circles and kidney shapes. So incorporate shapes into your design by using trimmed hedges, planted circles or stone walls to define specific geometry. Lead guests through the overall garden by using gravel paths (gravel has a smaller visual footprint than many other materials) that meander around at random, touching all areas of the yard. If it appeals to you, don't be afraid to use bold colors like purples, reds and bright yellow.

Victorian Plants

When choosing plants and flowers for your Victorian-styled yard, don't feel compelled to stick with familiar or local plants. Victorians loved exotic new species that were being brought back from around the world, so you are free to experiment with what you put in your own garden. Look for interesting plants and trees to use as focal points, such as the beautiful Himalayan Roscoea purpurea or a exotic-looking monkey puzzle tree (Araucaria araucana).

Victorian Embellishments

Victorians thought of gardens as romantic ideals, perfect for lovers and secrets. So include some surprises in your landscaping. It could be as simple as a hidden walkway leading to a bench with a birdhouse, or it could be as large and ornate as a bubbling fountain at the center of a circular rose garden. Create paths through the yard that feature interesting visuals along the way – such as bird baths, strange plants, overflowing garden urns and some fun statuary hidden among the plants.

Designing and maintaining a Victorian garden can be difficult for a novice, so you may want to work with a professional landscape design company. They can help you find ways to reduce the amount of maintenance that a Victorian landscape often requires (such as confining sensitive plants to certain areas or to containers for easier care).

But whether you go it on your own or get help, adding a real Victorian-inspired landscape to your Victorian home will add to its value and to your enjoyment of your beautiful new asset.

For more information, contact All American Landscape Design Inc. or a similar company.


30 November 2015

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