3 Tree Diseases That Can Affect Peach Trees – And How To Prevent Further Damage


Peach trees are bushy trees with brightly colored fruit, narrow branches, and a sturdy trunk. The trees are a great addition to any large yard or small personal orchard as both the appearance and fruit can provide pleasure through the growing months. If you have a peach tree and want to keep the tree healthy, an important part of ownership is monitoring the tree for potential diseases.

Here are a few of the tree diseases that can affect peach trees – and how you can prevent further damage once you spot the symptoms.

Peach Leaf Curl

The fungal disease peach leaf curl appears early in the growing season. Infected leaves will look thicker, glossier, and have a curled shape with reddish brown edges. The leaves will keep becoming more and more brown until photosynthesis stops completely and the leaves fall off the tree.

Ask your tree service company to prune off and dispose of any infected leaves and monitor the tree for the rest of the growing season, trimming off new infections as the leaves present with symptoms. Once all of the healthy leaves have also fallen off of the tree for the winter, apply a fungicide that will prevent the disease from returning during the next growing season.

Peach Scab

Peach scab is a fungal disease that thrives in humid environments. Green sores will form on the growing fruit early in the season. As the disease progresses, the sores will turn brown and then gray with a sunken appearance. The sores can also spread up onto the adjacent twigs.

Once you have seen symptoms of peach scab, your tree will have to suffer for the growing year. You can ask a tree trimming company to remove infected area for cosmetic reasons, but the removal won't stop the disease in its tracks. Wait until the tree has shed all of its fruit and leaves for the year and then apply a fungicide that's labeled for peach scab treatment.

Rusty Spot

The name of this fungal peach tree disease comes from the reddish brown color of the spots that show up on the growing fruit. The sores will grow larger with time and the surface of the fruit will look smooth within the sores.

The exact cause of rusty spot disease is unknown so no one fungicide has proven capable of clearing up the problem. You can ask your tree service to clear away infected fruit, but otherwise you simply need to wait out the disease and see if it returns next year. If the disease keeps returning, ask a tree removal service to remove the tree. Want another peach tree? Ask your landscaping service for advice on finding a type of peach tree that's less susceptible to rusty spot disease. One company that may be able to meet your needs is Ironwood Earthcare.


30 November 2015

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