3 Low-Maintenance Flowers To Use As Hedge Accents


Do you have a beautiful row of hedges at the front of your home that add a touch of landscaping elegance and curb appeal? Is the planter surrounding the hedges worthy of that distinction? Homeowners often neglect the ground directly around the hedges in fear that other plantings will take too much attention away from the hedges. But shorter flowers that spread can provide a nice base blanket to accent the hedges without drawing focus away.

Here are three low-maintenance flowers you can use as hedge accents.


Pansies are a wide, open flower that faces outwards. The colorful petals come in a variety of colors including red, blue, purple, and white. Pansies can spread up to a foot across the ground as they grow and the actual flowers can end up measuring around six inches tall. 

Pansies do require full sun for optimal growing so the flowers might not spread as well between or behind your hedges. The flowers require regular watering but are otherwise low-maintenance. You can plant seeds in winter for a spring bloom or in spring for a summer bloom.

Multifloral Petunias

Multifloral petunias are the shorter, ground-spreading version of the petunia flower. The flowers look somewhat like smaller, rounder versions of pansies. Petunias come in a variety of colors including red, yellow, purple, and white. The flowers spread up to a foot across the ground and are much shorter than pansies.

Pansies thrive under the full sun and can survive fairly wet summer weather. Even during a dry spell, you won't need to water the pansies very often. The flowers also thrive on the standard fertilizers you are already using around the hedges.

Petunias can bloom in spring, summer or fall so plant the season prior for the blooming time you desire.


Impatiens grow in brightly colored clusters that can be red, pink, purple, or white. Each flower is relatively small but the number of blooms makes impatiens flowers a great edging for your hedges. You can control how tall the impatiens flowers become by spacing the plants out further for shorter flowers. Impatiens can grow up to 30 inches if placed close together so space the plants out by a foot to keep the flowers short.

Impatiens can grow in partial sun, which allows the flowers to better spread behind and between the hedges, if you so wish. Impatiens need watered often but are otherwise low-maintenance. You can plant in the spring for a summer blooming.

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30 November 2015

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