Three Key Landscaping Guidelines


If you want to be sure that your property remains valuable and useful, know that it all starts with landscaping. The decisions that you make with your landscape will dictate how fruitful your efforts are with fresh grass and flowers and creating an excellent appearance and a clean presentation. The guidelines presented below will teach you some ways to maintain your landscape and to make it rich and useful for your property. 

Learn To Test And Apply New Soil

When it comes to your landscape care, there will always be a point where you need to lay down fresh soil to plant grass, flowers or other plants. One of the most critical steps to take in this matter is to examine and ascertain your soil's pH levels. One way to do this is by purchasing a kit at your local nursery or home and garden shop. They will have all of the equipment that you need in order to get the most accurate pH levels for your soil. Moving forward with improper soil will wreak havoc on your landscape and cause you to never get the optimum results that you expect.

Follow Some Fall Maintenance Tips

Since there are season specific actions that you will need to take in order to get the most out of your lawn and garden, it is critical that you understand what to do in the fall. The first step to consider is to never stop mowing your grass when fall arrives. Some people make this mistake due to leaves falling and feel as if it constitutes a break. However, you will notice that the colder months provide more rapid grass growth, so you will need to be meticulous about cutting the grass in the fall. Further, you will receive exponential growth when you also choose to fertilize during the fall months. During this time, you can also be examining and fixing bald spots and nurturing your lawn so that it flourishes when warm weather returns.

Follow Some Spring Maintenance Tips  

Likewise, you need to consider some tips to use during the spring months. It is during the spring months that testing your soil pH will be the most effective. During the spring, weeds tend to grow out of control, so apply some weed treatments to prevent them from ruining your landscape. Further, you can begin spreading layers of mulch, no more than 3 inches deep, in order to protect your tree roots from hot temperatures.

Use these tips as you look to maximize on your landscape over the years. If you have any questions, get in touch with a landscape contractor like Landscape Irrigation Experts.


29 November 2015

landscaping  without decreasing home security

The way that your yard is landscaped can have an impact on the overall security of your home. Large bushes around the entrances or windows can provide a potential burglar enough camouflage to sneak in unseen. Not having enough lighting around the exterior of your home can increase the risks as well. What landscaping choices should you make to ensure that your home's security isn't decreased? Is there anything you can do to actually increase the level of security? My blog will show you several things that you should consider when landscaping so that you can keep your family and home safe.