Growing Moss On Your Man-Placed Landscaping Rocks


Adding large rocks to your landscape design can help you create a naturally beautiful setting. Unfortunately, the large rocks that are added might not look as natural as you would like at first. Growing moss on those rocks is a relatively easy and very effective way of making the man-placed rocks look as if they have been there for years. Below, you will learn how to grow moss on your man-placed landscape rocks to achieve the natural look that you hope for.

Effective Growing Conditions

In order for moss to grow well, it needs the right conditions. Moss needs moisture, and a lot of it. Moss doesn't like the sun. Not enough moisture and too much sun will kill the moss that you want to grow. If you want to plant the moss on a rock that isn't shaded, plant some tall bushes or other plants that will shade it during the day. If you don't get a lot of rain, install a sprinkler system that will water that area at least once each day. If a sprinkler system is not an option, remember that you will need to water it each day at least until it is growing strong.

Moss Transplantation

The easiest way to get moss to grow on your rocks is by transplanting it from another place. Take a trip to a local creek with a flat shovel and a bucket. When you find a rock with moss growing on it, place the shovel on the rock beside the moss. Carefully force the shovel under the moss collecting the soil that it is growing in as well as the moss. You need the soil because that is where the filaments that the moss needs to live are.

Bring the moss home and spread quality soil onto the rock. Water it well and then position the moss on top of it. Water it once more and then twice each day for the next two weeks. The moss will begin to spread and take over the surface of the rock.

Home-Grown Moss

If you don't have anywhere to gather grown moss from, you can grow your own. All you need to do this is four cups of buttermilk and three cups of dried or fresh, chopped-up moss.

  • Mix the moss and buttermilk together. It will create a toothpaste-like substance.
  • Paint the mixture onto the rock.
  • Mist the area with water a few times each day – you want it to remain moist all day.

In a few weeks, the moss will begin to grow. Keep it watered until it reaches maturity. At that point, it will continue to grow and spread across the rock.

Talk with your local landscape expert like one from Rock Solid Services LLC to learn more about using rocks and moss to create a natural setting around your home.


28 November 2015

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