Creating An Environmentally Sound Lawn


Everyone craves a healthy, green lawn. In fact, some people spend many hours and a significant amount of money on their homes' landscaping. If you worry about the environment, you want to maintain your lawn in the most ecologically sound way possible. You can have a beautiful lawn while conserving natural resources by taking a few practical steps.


A lawn sprinkler system can be part of your responsible lawn care regimen as long as you do not program it to overwater your lawn. You will save water if you set the sprinkler to begin before sunrise. Watering the lawn "deeply" at that hour means less water is dried by the heat and sunlight. Watering in this fashion also means you are less likely to overwater, which can cause root rot and mildew.


The best environmentally-sound method for cutting your grass is obviously a person-powered push mower.  Of course, if you have a big lawn, that route will be a time-consuming one. If you need power, try an electric, plug-in model. Gas mowers add to global warming by contributing to harmful emissions in the air. 

Organic Fertilizer

Using organic fertilizer means that you are feeding the organisms in the soil. Then your grass feeds itself from the healthy soil. This method is a natural one and is good for the environment. If you use a chemical fertilizer, much of it can run off the lawn and into the water table, potentially harming humans and wildlife. Organic fertilizer also makes your plants more resistant to drought and disease. Before you use organic fertilizer, you should test your soil to see exactly what it needs to be its most productive. 


Instead of bagging your lawn waste, start a compost bin. Allowing your green and brown lawn waste to decompose in a compost bin means you have a ready source of nutrients for your lawn. You also keep from adding to the lawn waste that your city must collect and dispose of, thus saving man hours and fuel.

Your lawn can be beautiful without contributing to environmental problems. You can conserve water while giving your lawn enough moisture to thrive. You may also use organic fertilizer supplemented by your own composting material. None of these methods is particularly difficult. They just require that you change your approach to lawn care. You can create a more ecologically sound lawn care regimen immediately.


28 November 2015

landscaping  without decreasing home security

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