3 Ways You Can Improve Your Sprinkler System's Water Pressure


Having an automatic sprinkler system to water your yard offers you the benefit of being able to keep your grass and garden areas properly watered without having to drag hoses around. If you are worried about losing water pressure, make sure you do the following things to help keep your grass green and have ample water flow in the process.

Add more stations to your clock

One of the reasons you may have poor water pressure in your sprinkler system is that you have too many sprinkler heads on a single zone. A zone is a section of sprinklers that run at one time, and the fewer heads you have on a zone, the less division you have in your water pressure. If you notice only one of your zones seems to result in low water output, count the number of heads you have running in comparison to the ones that seem to have ample water supply. You can hire a landscaper to split your zone into two separate zones that run on their own station time on the clock to help increase water output in affected zones in your sprinkler system. 

Clean the filters on the heads

If you have dirt in your water supply due to a high sand point or sandy soil, you can have low water pressure as a result. Try cleaning the filters on the heads that appear to struggle with water output or get stuck in motion to see if doing this resolves the issue. If you have heads that don't come up when the zone is running, try lightly stepping on a sprinkler head nearby to add pressure to the stuck head, which results in making it pop up so you can clean it.

Change your heads

Pop-up sprinkler heads are very common in most household landscapes, and come in two forms: sprays that send a stream of water in a circle, and rotors that move from side to side or in a complete circle. Rotors are typically used to cover wider areas of grass, while sprays are placed around shrubbery and along sidewalks. They can also be used for smaller landscape areas to avoid over-saturating grass. If you are using sprays for large areas of land, you may notice less water pressure when these sprinklers are running. Hire a landscaper to change your heads for you to the appropriate types so you can have greener, healthier grass in your whole yard.

If you are worried about low water pressure in your sprinkler system, there are things you can do to help increase pressure. Consider changing your heads, cleaning head filters, and splitting larger zones to get the most water output when your sprinkler system is in use.


28 November 2015

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