3 Tips For Creating A Landscape Design That Is Easy To Care For


If you would love to have a nice backyard, but don't think that you can have one because you don't want to spend hours and hours caring for it, then you don't need to fear. There are several things that you can do to keep caring for your backyard simple, while still allowing it to look great. This article will discuss 3 tips for creating a landscape design that is easy to care for. 

Keep Grass To A Minimum

Including grass is important because it is great for adults and children to play in and enjoy and it is visually quite beautiful. It is no secret that grass can be difficult to care for. Even if you do have a sprinkler system installed to water it for you, you still may have to deal with adjusting the sprinkler system to avoid dead spots, overwatering, etc. You will also have to mow it, weed-eat it, fertilize it, and otherwise keep it healthy. This can take time and a great deal of effort, so in order to make things easier on you, keep your grass to a minimum. Choose a small area for you grass that gives you enough room to enjoy it, but keeps caring for it short and sweet. 

Plant Bulbs That Come Back Each Year

If you would like to have a flower bed, but don't want to plant new flowers each year, then you can simply plant flower bulbs in your yard that will grow back each year. For example, if you plant tulip bulbs in your yard, they will come back each spring and will only require for you to water them and occasionally weed them. Daffodils and lilies also grow back from bulbs, and incorporating them into your flower bed, along with your tulips, will create a gorgeous mix of flowers that require very little work. 

Include A Lot Of Rocks, Wood Chips, Stone, Etc. 

Any plant is going to require some level of care, so be sure to include non-plant items in your landscape design as well. Create large areas of rocks and wood chips, where you can house large decorative rocks, a gazebo, playground equipment, etc. You can also include stone steps in certain areas because they are both visually appealing and very easy to care for. Lastly, think about adding a wood deck or cement patio to your backyard because this will give you a wonderful place to hang out, and will once again minimize your yard work. 

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27 November 2015

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