4 Things to Do This Fall to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great


Just because summer has become a distant memory does not mean that you don't need to pay attention to your lawn. In order to keep your lawn looking great year-round, it is important to engage in a little seasonal maintenance this fall. 

#1 Get Rid of Broadleaf Weeds

The first thing you need to do is get rid of the weeds that are growing in your yard. Broadleaf weeds are leaves that have really large leaves with big, flat and broad surfaces. These types of weeds are generally most apparent in your yard in the fall.

You'll want to purchase an herbicide specifically designed to kill broadleaf weeds. You can purchase an herbicide that you can spray specifically on the weeds, or you can purchase one that you can spread over your yard that will gradually kill the weeds over time. 

#2 Check the pH Levels of Your Soil

Next, if your yard has not been doing well, you may need to check and correct the pH levels in your soil .You can hire a lawn and garden company to come out and perform a soil test; it is best to hire someone to do this so you don't have to purchase the equipment needed to do so yourself.

The lawn company you hire to test your soil could also fix any issues with the pH balance of your soil. Or, you can use their reading in order to balance the pH yourself. If your soil is too acidic, you'll need to apply lime to reduce the acidity. If your soil has too much alkalinity, you'll need to apply sulfur to your lawn. 

#3 Get Rid of Thatch

Over the course of the year, thatch develops on your yard. Thatch is essentially the layer of material that breaks down and builds up between the ground and your grass. Although some thatch is okay, too much thatch can prevent water from reaching the roots of your grass and can suffocate your grass over time. At least once a year you should remove all the thatch from your lawn.

If you don't have very much thatch on your lawn, raking your yard is an effective way to remove any excess thatch. If you have a lot of thatch on your yard or if you have a very large yard, you may want to rent a dethatching machine from your local equipment rental store. These machines are also known as aerators. Basically, they allow you to quickly remove thatch. 

#4 Remove All the Leaves

Finally, you should remove all the leaves that pile up on your lawn this fall. When you fail to rake up the leaves on your lawn, the leaves can slowly smother your grass and kill it over the course of the winter. 

Make sure you complete all four fall maintenance steps listed above. These four steps will help ensure that your yard is green, thriving and weed-free when spring rolls around next year. If you have a large yard or find the work a little overwhelming on top of your daily responsibilities, consider looking into local lawn care specialists, such as 5 Star Lawnscaping.


25 November 2015

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