Answering Three Basic Landscaping Questions


Having a well-manicured and beautiful yard is a goal for many homeowners. In addition to making your home appear more inviting, this can also help to boost the value of your However, this is a task that is far more complicated than many new homeowners first anticipate. If you have recently purchased a home and are unsure of what is needed to care for your yard, you may benefit from learning the following few answers to basic landscaping questions.

Why Should You Put Mulch Around Your Plants?

If you have never owned yard, you may not have paid much attention to mulch. As a result, you may assume that mulch is primarily done for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, you may be somewhat surprised to learn that it can provide a number of other benefits as well. For example, mulch can help to reduce the prevalence of weeds in your garden. This happens because the mulch will prevent weed seeds from coming into contact with the soil, which can prevent them from taking root. Also, mulch can help your plants by retaining moisture. Due to these benefits, adding mulch can be a small investment that yields major benefits for your plants.

Does Edging Provide Any Practical Benefits?

Edging is another common landscaping features that new homeowners may assume is only done for appearances. While it is true that edging can help give your yard's landscaping more definition, it can help offer some practical benefits as well. For example, the edging can help control the flow of water through your yard, which can be a major benefit in battling erosion. In addition to this benefit, the edging can also make it more difficult for weeds to encroach on your plant by providing separation from the grassy portions of the yard.

Are Automated Watering Systems Always Wasteful?

If you live in an area where water can be scarce, you may be worried about how to efficiently water your landscaped yard. While automated sprinklers can be a convenient option, they will lose much of the water they spray to evaporation. To mitigate this issue, you should consider installing drip irrigation systems. These systems are either buried or placed along the top of the soil near the plants. As a result, evaporation is not as severe of a problem for these systems.

Understanding the basics of landscaping is important for ensuring that your yard looks as good as possible. However, if you have never had a yard before, you may not be very informed about this topic. By having an understanding about the answers to these three questions, you will find yourself far better prepared to keep your property in the best condition possible. If you need any help in maintaining your lawn and garden, speak with a professional from a company like JK Landscape Construction.


24 November 2015

landscaping  without decreasing home security

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